Sunday, July 31, 2011

10 Day Juice Fast

So Dustin and I have wanted to start making green smoothies for a while now, but our $20 blender is just AWFUL. Seriously, it blends like an inch of stuff unless it's all liquid, and I have to SHAKE it to get it to mix things well. We considered a juicer, but I think they're wasteful- both nutritionally and monetarily. All of the "scraps" that are left over after juicing are the most fibrous parts of the plants! Why would you throw that out? (And yes, I know that some people use them in cooking/baking, but most do not. It just seems so wasteful to me!)

So we decided we needed a blender to make smoothies instead of juice. After reading reviews and watching tons of youtube videos (Ninja vs. VitaMix was a real eye-opener, because the Ninja is supposed to be a pretty good blender, but the VitaMix made it look like junk when they went head to head!) We ended up agreeing that it was probably worth it to plunk down the money for THIS:

I am dying of anticipation waiting for it to arrive! I can't wait to make hummus, hot soup (yes, it HEATS the soup,) peanut butter, and sooo many other things! But first I want to do a 10 day juice fast and see how it makes me feel. I love the idea of being able to eat raw fruits and veggies, and the VitaMix even breaks down the cell walls so the nutrients are more readily available!

So expect some posts as soon as it arrives chronicling my 10 day juice fast. THAT should be interesting! I'm also considering making a youtube channel, but I don't know if talking into a camera is really my thing. If anyone is interested, maybe I will!


  1. My husband and I are on day 2 of a 7 day juice fast. We are using a juicer. I understand what you are saying about the waste and I think about that too but the way it was explained to me is that by juicing your body can absorb more of the nutrients.It's also necessary to remove all solids in order to rest the bowl and reboot it. We bought a Breville juicer and it's really cool, got a good deal on it. However I do think in the long run I would have gotten more use out of a vitamix but hubby was dead set on the juicer. Good luck, I hope it goes well for you. Last night I really wanted to eat something but it was more of a mental thing then a physical need. I really haven't been hungry.

  2. YouTube it! I'll watch.

    Good luck, Valerie. I'm excited to see how you like the VitaMix!

  3. Wow, I hadn't heard about the "resting the bowel" thing! And didn't mean to totally knock juicers- they're definitely good contributors to good health, but I agree that the VitaMix is more versatile (and I happen to LOVE pulp way more than most people do!)

  4. Whoops, I hit enter prematurely! Thanks for the well-wishes, and keep me updated on your progress... I've heard day 4 is the toughest! Good luck with that (and your bathroom renovation!)

  5. And thanks, Erin! The idea of talking into a camera is scary, so I might have to do a test run before committing to running a channel!